May 13, 2006

(Photo Courtesy of World Renowned Photographer and Beautician: Dawn Scherr)

May, 1975

July 2006 Reunion Picnic

Welcome to the unofficially official web site of the 1975 Pennsylvania Girls State Softball Champions!

After 31 years, these girls have finally decided to get together and have some fun. This web site is designed and maintained expressly for that purpose.


A grand time was had by all at the July Reunion Picnic. Thanks to all the organizers and everyone who could come spend some time catching up! We are really privledged to have a moviemaker amongst us..... special thanks to Donna SpeedySpence Katcher for creating the awesome movie of the 1975 State Softball Champs. Click here to view the movie. It should stream from your Windows Media Player once you click the link.

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Top Level of the Photo Gallery

Photos of the May Ceremony

Photos of the July Picnic

Photos of the ALS Walk


View the May 9th Morning Call article.

View the August, 1990 article which featured outstanding Parkland sports teams from the past.

Keith Groller, of The Morning Call, wrote the article that appeared May 19, 2006 and headlined with "Recognition finally comes to Parkland's 1975 champions". View the PDF version of the article here. The paper also featured a photograph, which you can view and purchase here. Kay has combined the photo with the article.... see that here. She has also prepared a list of our game stats in PDF format for everyone to view. Thanks, Kay!